2 steps to take when planning for a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Family law

Gathering evidence is essential for all divorces, but even more so if you think your divorce will be litigious. You are unlikely to agree on everything, and an argument without evidence is just a point of view.

If you want the other party or the judge to understand why you need a certain amount of money or why your child will be better off living with you, the more evidence you have to back up your claims, the more likely you are to get your wish.

Here are some other things you need to do if about to divorce:

Protect your assets

You cannot just lock your spouse out of joint assets. You should, however, consider closing things like joint credit cards early on in the divorce to reduce the chance that one party burdens the other with new debt. You might also want to reroute your paychecks so that they go into a personal account rather than a joint one.

Take time out to think about what really matters

Things can quickly get heated once one spouse tells the other they want a divorce. That can lead people to make rash decisions, which you could end up regretting in years to come. Look for ways to create time to escape it all and think about what you want and need for the future. If you have kids, you also need to think seriously about what they want and need. Do not be afraid to call in favors from friends and family, bosses and colleagues, or even the spouse you are divorcing, to give you that time to think.

Finally, it’s important to remember that divorce is a legal matter. Getting help to understand more about the laws involved will be crucial.