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When does a Virginia divorce require a QDRO?

For many couples, property division is the biggest issue in their divorces. Arguments about shared or marital property are common, and sometimes spouses engage in misconduct to try to lash out at each other. One spouse might try to hide property, or both spouses may...

Argumentative co-parent? Try these tips

Being a co-parent with an ex takes a lot of work. Even in the best of circumstances, there’s a chance that you and the other parent will have disagreements. Some people may have an even more complicated situation than others because they have a co-parent who’s...

Is your prenup going to withstand a challenge?

Having a prenuptial agreement should give you some sense of security as you head toward divorce. That agreement already defines a lot of the terms of the divorce. It may state how assets should be divided, which assets count as separate property and things of this...