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Divorce and student loan debt

Virginia couples who get a divorce are likely to find the process to be emotionally taxing and stressful. One of the many aspects of divorce that can make it stressful is determining how assets and debts should be divided. For people who have student loan debt, or...

The myth of “full custody”

As a parent who is going through divorce, one of your biggest concerns may be over the custody of your child. It can seem strange and upsetting to consider the possibility of not seeing your child every day. You may also bristle at the thought of agreeing to a child...

Adjusting to co-parenting in the summer

Divorce can bring about big changes in how Virginia parents deal with one another. Adjusting to co-parenting is challenging at any time of year, but the summer can come with specific difficulties. During the school year, the routine provided by the academic schedule...