How A Prenuptial Agreement Can Benefit You

Many couples give little thought to protecting their assets and earnings in the event of a divorce. No one wants to think about the possibility of divorce, but it does happen.

This is when a prenuptial agreement — created and implemented before the marriage — can protect your most treasured assets, such as real estate or a family business owned prior to the marriage. It’s among the ways to ensure that nonmarital property remains the sole property of the owner and it’s a way to outline how support or certain debts will get paid in the event of divorce. If you want to learn more about prenuptial agreements, we explain how they work and the potential benefits. Meyer & Bowden, PLLC, grasps the details of family law. We are pragmatic and assertive allies with more than 40 years of legal experience.

Scenarios In Which A Prenuptial Agreement Can Protect You

Diving into a marriage without discussing finances is never a good idea, but this scenario does happen. While couples may be compatible as romantic partners, they sometimes find that they have extreme different takes on saving, spending and investing money. A prenuptial agreement will help.

A prenup can be invaluable in protecting:

  • The financial interests of a spouse who has substantial wealth or disproportionate wealth compared with the other spouse
  • A spouse from not having to pay the debts accumulated by the other spouse before the marriage
  • Interests such as a share in the family business. Without a prenuptial agreement, a family-owned business may be divided or diluted after a divorce
  • The inheritance rights of heirs. This would include the children and grandchildren of previous marriages

This is when you need a seasoned Virginia attorney who understands the delicate balance in preserving the parties’ personal relationship before and after the marriage.

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Having a prenup may limit financial battles that surface later in a divorce case. A seasoned attorney can explain the process and how a prenuptial agreement will benefit you. We are knowledgeable, effective and empathetic.

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