A Strong Ally In Securing Family Abuse Protective Orders

Spousal and child abuse are cruel, demeaning and violent. And too often this domestic violence is at the root of many divorce cases. The family suffers, the children suffer and your life suffers. You may have already taken the step to file for divorce, but you may also need to secure a family abuse protective order. Your life or your child’s life may be in danger.

Courts issue a protective or restraining order when family abuse or the threat of family abuse has occurred. A protective order prevents an abusive spouse from having any further contact with you and/or your children, otherwise he or she will go to jail. It’s also meant to provide safety for victims. When you’re faced with such a dangerous situation and do not feel safe, it’s time to retain an effective family law attorney. Meyer & Bowden, PLLC, has more than 40 years of legal experience, and we want to protect you.

Several Types Of Family Abuse

The safety of you and your children are a priority. When a family abuse protective order is in place, we expect authorities to enforce it. In the aftermath of abuse the abusing spouse may be court-ordered to leave your home to ensure a safe environment. You should not be subjected to the taunts, harassment and violent behavior from your spouse.

Any violent or forceful act or threat of violence that results in bodily injury or any act that places you or a family or household member in fear of bodily injury, sexual assault or death is considered family abuse. These acts can include forceful detention or stalking.

We are empathetic and understanding of victims who find themselves in a violent or abusive situation. This is a crucial time in your life when you need help and protection. Our firm will represent you to the best of our abilities.

Sometimes, there are also situations in which a spouse is falsely accused of abuse or domestic violence. When this happens, we will advocate for you, too, so that you are exonerated of your spouse’s false accusations.

Contact Us During This Stressful, Uncertain Time

Family abuse is serious. If you are a victim, we will represent you in securing a protective order. If falsely accused, we will fight to defend you against that protective order. Dedicated to the region, we have represented hundreds of clients throughout Northern Virginia as well as the city of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford and Loudoun counties, and surrounding areas.

When you need legal guidance in this stressful and uncertain time, we want to help you. Our lawyers at Meyer & Bowden, PLLC, have the knowledge, understanding and empathy. Request a consultation today.