Making a custody order work around your disability

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2022 | Family law

Many parents have to plan their child custody order around work and schooling. A parent who takes night classes may have a hard time scheduling to have their child over at night. Likewise, parents who work on-call jobs may not be able to see their children for long.

You may not realize this, but a parent with a disability may also have a hard time making a child custody order work. Here’s what needs to be considered when the parenting plan is created:

Doctors appointments

People who have some kind of disability often have to regularly see their doctor. These appointments may be scheduled months or weeks apart. The time a parent spends at their doctor’s may be impeding the time they see their child – this is just one of many things to consider when creating a custody order.

Medical treatment

Some people with disabilities have medical problems that cause them to seek emergency help and treatment constantly. Parents may need to consider how their child is cared for if they or the other parent suddenly need to be admitted to a hospital. 

Physical limitations

Many disabilities cause people physical limitations and may prevent certain activities with a child. A parent with disabilities may have a harder time caring for their child or attending to their needs without special help.

If you’re planning out your child custody agreement, you should make sure you’re considering everything that can affect your agreement and know your rights. When a parent has a disability, the conversation can get very complicated.