What can your ex use child support for?

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2022 | Family law

You know that you’re going to be ordered to pay child support during the divorce. It feels inevitable. The income disparity between you and your ex is just too great. Though you are going to share custody, you’re still going to have to make those payments.

What you’re worried about is that your ex is going to use that money for themselves, not for your child. So what are they allowed to use it on?

Examples of potential uses

The truth is that there are a lot of different potential uses, but they all have to focus on the child. Your ex is not allowed to use the money strictly for themselves. Examples of the categories include:

  • Basic necessities – This could include things like food, clothing, shoes and the like.
  • Education – This may include things like uniforms or books.
  • Medical care – This money can cover co-pays or expenses that are not insured.
  • Transportation –  Transportation is necessary for school and custody exchanges.
  • Activities and entertainment –  This may include things like extracurricular activities, sports teams, summer camp and much more.

Finally, it’s worth noting that your ex may be able to use the money to cover some of the costs of housing the child. For instance, they may be able to pay a portion of the utilities or a portion of the rent with the child support money. They’re not supposed to use it entirely for this purpose, but they can cover the cost of a living situation involving the child. 

As you go through the divorce and determine how much should be paid, consider your legal options carefully. You may also need to look into your options if you feel that your ex is not using the money properly.