How soon is too soon to divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Divorce

You got married to your spouse just over a year ago, and things seemed to be going well. At least, that was the case until you came across their internet history.

After finding out that your spouse was involved in forums and chats you didn’t agree with, you had to seriously consider if you could stay with them. To you, their behavior is unacceptable, and it’s not something you knew about before you got married.

Is it too soon to file for a divorce?

While a divorce is a possibility, you may want to think about other options first. Talking to your spouse about what has upset you, for example, could resolve the problem if they’re willing to stop that behavior. They may also be able to give you more information, and what you saw as a negative might not be as bad as you thought.

It’s also possible that talking to your spouse will make it clear that you have a difference in opinion on a major, deal-breaking topic.

The decision to divorce should be based on understanding the situation and deciding if you can live with it. If you cannot, then a divorce may be the right solution no matter how long you’ve been married.

How will your finances be impacted after a short-term marriage?

Since your marriage hasn’t been long, you may be in a good position in terms of keeping your separate assets and moving on without significant financial issues. If you haven’t joined your bank accounts yet or haven’t purchased much together, then there may be very few property division issues to worry about.

Know that it’s unlikely for people in shorter-term marriages to get spousal support or other compensation, though, unless you can work that out with your spouse directly or have a prenuptial agreement that awards it to you.

Divorce may not be the only option for you, but if you don’t want to remain with your spouse, it’s worth considering no matter how long you’ve been married. Consider talking to your spouse about your concerns, going through marriage counseling or taking time to think about the implications of a divorce before you move forward.