How can alternative dispute resolution help in your divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce can be an expensive and frustrating process. Spouses may let their emotions run the show and will fight with one another both in private and in court. That fighting doesn’t just stress you out. It also increases how much your divorce costs. Your emotions now can also make sharing custody later that much harder. 

Some people might want to explore alternative dispute resolution options for their divorce. How could alternative dispute resolution help you at the end of your marriage? 

You have the opportunity to resolve things outside of court

A big part of what makes divorce so expensive is the time you spend in court. When a judge has to resolve your disputes, you have to spend a lot of time and effort gathering evidence and then presenting your case. Court fees add up, as do filing fees and attorney fees. 

If you and your ex can resolve things outside of court, an uncontested filing can be a faster and more cost-effective solution than litigation. Some couples are able to directly collaborate with one another, often with the assistance of their attorneys. Other times, involving an outside professional for alternative dispute resolution may be necessary. 

Mediation and arbitration bring in outside help

Mediation or arbitration sessions can help a couple resolve their outstanding disagreements on custody, support and property division matters. Although they may need to hire an outside professional for arbitration or mediation, they may be able to keep their overall expenses lower using this approach.

The benefits to mediation and arbitration include the ability to protect your privacy by keeping your discussions confidential and maintaining ultimate control over the custody and property division terms you set. Thinking about how you can settle matters with your ex for an uncontested filing could lead to a faster and less stressful divorce — and that’s a great way to get started on the next phase of your life.