Argumentative co-parent? Try these tips

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2021 | Divorce

Being a co-parent with an ex takes a lot of work. Even in the best of circumstances, there’s a chance that you and the other parent will have disagreements. Some people may have an even more complicated situation than others because they have a co-parent who’s argumentative.

Dealing with a co-parent who doesn’t want to cooperate can be a big challenge. You may find that you’re getting frustrated with the situation. Consider these tips to help you deal with the stress that your ex is trying to cause.

Focus on the children

One of the best ways that you can reduce the stress in these situations is to focus on the children. Do what’s best for them. This might mean letting smaller issues go so that you don’t have to deal with your ex over them. Instead of battling over inconsequential matters, save your energy for things that affect the kids’ health or safety.

Decide on your parenting style

While you will have to make some decisions with your ex, you can decide what type of parenting style you’ll use in your home. Try to focus on the positive aspects of the situation, and help the children to do the same. Your goal should be to provide the children with the stability and consistency they need to thrive now.

It’s a good idea to set the parenting plan as quickly as possible during the divorce. It may behoove you to include terms about communication and conflict resolution in the document. If you see that things need to be modified later, you can always petition the court to make this happen.