Did you know that graduation time and divorce season often coincide with one another?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Divorce

Many seniors are in the home stretch, just a few short weeks away from graduating high school. Sadly, many spouses are beginning to plot their divorces at this same time. You read that right.

There’s been a staggering uptick in divorce filings around graduation time in recent years. 

What’s the connection between divorce and graduation?

Many couples seem more connected than ever as they attend their kids’ graduations only to file for divorce weeks later. You may be wondering what causes this sudden demise of their relationship. 

The truth is that it’s not really as sudden of an end as it seems. Many spouses have long been unhappy by the time they file for divorce, yet they simply put on a happy face and tolerated things so as not to disrupt their kids’ lives. Many parents start to see how their kids become less reliant on them post-graduation and take advantage of that shift to begin focusing on what makes them happy again. This reflection often includes divorcing the spouse they grew distant from a long time ago. 

While many spouses may attempt to bridge their gap in the aftermath of their kids’ graduations, others realize that their prolonged emotional distancing has resulted in them growing in two distinct directions. These couples discover that they have little hope or desire to get back on one page and file for divorce.

How can you best protect your interests in a divorce? 

Retirement may not be all that far off if you have a child that’s old enough to be graduating high school. You should know that you could put yourself in a financially vulnerable position if you end your marriage at this stage in life. 

Working with an experienced advocate is your best plan. An attorney can go over the complications that arise when ending a long-term marriage here in Virginia. Your Lynchburg lawyer can also help you devise a strategy for protecting your financial interests in your case.