Cellphone usage can indicate cheating

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2021 | Divorce

Cellphones are a ubiquitous accessory for nearly everyone over the age of 11 or 12. They are so common that we typically don’t give them much of a thought.

However, maybe we should: After all, the way your partner acts about and while on their cellphone could potentially be a sign of adultery.

How does your spouse interact with their cellphone?

Some people are naturally private, and there is nothing inherently wrong with maintaining cellphone privacy from one’s spouse. After all, we are all entitled to have platonic relationships with our friends without approval or interference from a spouse. So, it is not necessarily a sign that your spouse might be cheating if they always lock their cellphone and keep the PIN private.

Something might be afoot, however, if your normally cellphone-transparent spouse starts behaving differently when they interact with their phone.

What behavior may be suspicious?

Not all scenarios may resonate with you. But below are some possible red flags that your spouse’s cellphone use might point to an affair:

  • They step outside or go into the bathroom and close the door to make a call
  • They have a lot of calls from unknown numbers
  • They delete call logs and text messages
  • Their cellphone use increases markedly (ditto for use of social media communication apps like Facebook Messenger)
  • They go to great lengths to hide their phone from you
  • You find a second, secret cellphone they are using

What can you do if your spouse is cheating?

Unfortunately, there is no magic panacea to make an errant husband or wife change their cheating ways. What you can do, though, is assess your situation and determine a course of action for the future that protects both you and any children you may share. A Leesburg family law attorney can review your case and clarify your options going forward.