Should you get the right of first refusal in your custody plan? 

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Child custody

Parents have to discuss many details when creating a child custody order. You and your co-parent may need to consider who picks your kids up from school or what kind of diet they need. A custody agreement is all about the well-being of your child, but it also helps parents have more control over how their child is raised – and who is raising them.

One clause that may be included in a parenting plan is the “right of first refusal.” Is this the first time you’ve heard about this term? Here’s what you should know about why you should consider it:

Entrusting your child to a babysitter isn’t easy

Your co-parent may work odd hours or attend night classes, leaving your child at home alone for several hours. When this happens, your co-parent likely has someone there watching your child, but you may not know who that person is – or you may not like the person caring for your child. 

A right of first refusal clause allows a parent to care for their child when their co-parent isn’t able to do so because of work, school or personal events. In essence, it requires both parents to alert the other that they need childcare before they resort to anybody else.

While this may seem initially inconvenient, parents may find they’re spending more time with their kids because of the right of first refusal clause. Not only that, but parents can be less stressed about their child being in the hands of someone they don’t know.

Making a parenting plan isn’t easy and it may need guidance from experienced legal help.