Make the most of your co-parenting arrangement

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Child custody

Being able to work with your ex to parent the children can help the kids to be well adjusted despite the divorce. Knowing that they have the support of both parents and that the adults in their life are putting them first can help them to thrive.

Working with your ex isn’t always easy. You have to take steps to make the most of the situation. Everyone can benefit when you and your ex are truly a parenting team.

Keep communication respectful

Consistent and direct communication is beneficial in a co-parenting relationship. You should ensure that you’re always calm when you speak to your ex. Even when you disagree on something, keeping the conversation focused on the children and finding solutions to the issues is beneficial and could help to propel you toward a resolution.

Always keep the children in the center

Keeping the children in the center of the arrangement means that you and your ex aren’t trying to pull the children to either side. Instead, everyone is supportive of each other so that the children can enjoy their childhood. It might help if you can keep your emotions in check because the things that caused the breakdown of your marriage don’t have a place in the co-parenting arrangement.

All parents need to make decisions based on what’s in their child’s best interests. The parenting plan must reflect that. The sooner you get this in writing, the sooner you can help the child adjust to the new parenting time schedule and the permanent changes that are being made. When the child matures, those needs might change, so you can look into a child custody modification to update the terms of the parenting plan.