3 medical issues that can lead to a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Divorce

People decide to file for divorce for all kinds of reasons, including money problems, disputes with in-laws and infidelity. However, health issues can also impact the stability of someone’s marriage.

Although marriage vows typically include promises to stay together despite health issues, the reality of medical concerns may push some people to file for divorce. What are some of the medical issues that have a strong correlation with divorce risk? 

Diagnosis with a serious or chronic illness

When a doctor diagnoses you with a condition that will affect your quality of life, required nursing support or prove terminal, you want to be able to rely on your spouse.

Unfortunately, some people will file for divorce when their spouse faces a medical issue that could threaten their life. These individuals may feel that their spouse has aged more quickly than they have or that they don’t want to dedicate their lives to caregiving.

Snoring all night long

Almost everyone snores occasionally. When uncomfortable or dealing with a sinus infection, people may breathe quite loudly while they sleep. These people won’t have to worry about their snoring affecting their families.

However, some people are chronic, nightly snorers who can wake up an entire house without waking up themselves. When a spouse snores, it can impact the quality of someone’s sleep, straining their mental health.

The spouse disturbed by the snoring may wake up the spouse snoring, which only leads to mutual resentment and two people with inadequate sleep. Prolonged sleep disruptions can affect both physical and mental health. Some people will seek medical intervention or start sleeping separately. Others will give up and file for divorce.

Struggles with addiction

Although people think of addiction as some kind of personal failing, it often has roots in medical issues. People may inherit a predisposition to addiction from their family members, have trauma and bad examples from childhood or develop substance abuse because of an injury.

Addiction can change someone’s personality, affect their daily behavior and damage a household’s finances. One spouse’s addiction can undermine the marital relationship and potentially lead to divorce.

Knowing some of the common reasons that people file for divorce can help you proactively assess the health of your own marriage.