Maybe you’ve been dreading getting divorced, even though you know that you want to end your marriage, just because the process sounds so stressful. You imagine yourself going to court, fighting with your ex over the children, debating about assets and finances, and generally just having to grind your way through a contentious process. 

Here’s the reality: It doesn’t have to be that way. Your goal should be to work toward a far more amicable divorce. You don’t have to view this as a fight or end your relationship on bad terms. You and your ex can actually work together, which will reduce stress and increase the odds that you’ll get results that you like. 

A low-conflict divorce really is possible

One of the most famous examples of a low-conflict divorce is when it is referred to as a “conscious uncoupling.” This term, made famous by celebrities, is not something that most couples use. But it does rely on the basic idea that a couple can end their relationship on good terms, without much conflict, making a conscious effort to do so. No matter what you want to call it, isn’t that your goal? 

It can help to express this desire to your spouse when talking about divorce. If they assume that you’re feeling angry or bitter, they may think they have to respond aggressively. If you make sure they know that you’re not looking at it that way, you can remove some of the animosity and open the door to working together toward that end result. 

Even with little conflict, you need legal help for a successful divorce

No matter how peaceful, divorce is still a legal process. Be sure you know what steps to take to best protect your interests. An experienced advocate can guide you through the days to come.