It’s the time of year when you may need to start looking into a holiday child custody schedule. Depending on the changes that have gone on for you this year, last year’s plan may not be right for you. If this is the first year you’ll be separated from your spouse, you may need to set a plan up for the first time.

There are dozens of ways for you to set up a holiday custody schedule. Some factors that may play a role in your decision include:

  • Whether or not you can celebrate together with your ex and children
  • If you have work schedules that conflict with specific holidays
  • The ages of your children

For many people, one of the easiest things to do is to alternate major holidays. If mom gets Thanksgiving, for example, then dad may want to host Christmas. Sometimes, that’s not going to work, and that’s when you may want to consider splitting a holiday in half. For instance, children may be off from school for a few weeks between December and January, so dividing the first half of the break with one parent and then transferring custody on Christmas day midway through, for example, might work best for you. 

Some families choose to have fixed holidays instead. For instance, if you don’t celebrate Christmas but your ex-spouse does, then it may make sense to allow your children to celebrate it with them each year. You could then take over a holiday that you like best, like Halloween or New Year’s Eve. 

Working out your schedule now is helpful in reducing conflicts in the future. Our website has more on what to consider as you set up your parenting plan and custody schedule.