When divorce is imminent, there are two approaches you can take. You can try to pretend it is not happening and hope for the best, or you can start planning to make sure things turn out as well as possible. When you have children, the more preparation you do, the better.

How does divorce affect children?

There is no getting away from the fact that divorce will take a considerable toll on your children. You cannot avoid this altogether, but you can minimize the negative impact. By understanding how your divorce might affect your children, you can develop strategies to help your children cope.

  • Guilt: Children often feel that they are to blame for their parents’ problems. Let them know that they are not.
  • Anxiety: This can be especially prevalent among younger children. They may not understand where their other parent has gone or why they no longer see them every day. Structure and routine are vital to reassure a child.
  • Depression: Informing the school as well as coaches and other adults who interact regularly with your child that you are divorcing allows them to keep an eye on your child. They may spot things that you do not.
  • Economic problems: Money will probably be tighter after divorce. Make sure you keep your children in mind when agreeing on child support and dividing property.
  • Problems at school: If possible, try to avoid any unnecessary disruption to your child’s schooling. Help them set new routines that get them to school on time from both homes. Make sure that they have all their school books before leaving your house to go to their other parent.

An experienced family law attorney will have seen many other parents go through a divorce. They can use their experience to help you make the right decisions to ease the effect of divorce on your children.