Everybody knows that divorce is the end of a marriage. But what does that mean, exactly? After all, a marriage is not a business partnership. It represents a web of relationships, duties and plans. So your feelings about divorce can be surprisingly complicated.

Here are four things that one writer said he mourned after getting divorced:

The love you once had (or still have) for your ex. Whether or not you still feel in love with your former spouse, once your divorce is final, it is natural to feel this loss. Whatever your feelings now, you were probably in love with your ex once.

Your old relationship with your children. You will always be your children’s parent, but you may not see them every day anymore. You may be limited to seeing them every other weekend and part of the summer.

Your dreams for the future. Of course, you can still have dreams for the years ahead. But they will not include your ex. You may have to plan for life with a future partner, or as a single person.

Your friendship with your ex. Besides the love you may have once shared with your ex, there was the friendship the two of you used to have. Even if you got divorced on good terms, you probably will not socialize with them anymore, share inside jokes and all the little things you used to do together.

Painful as it may be, if your marriage is no longer working, divorce could be your only option. If it is, you will need to deal with things like property division, child custody and child support. Speak to a family law attorney for more information about how divorce works in Virginia.